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Jacques Vannoort


The Sanctuary House Family
The Sanctuary House Family

Sanctuary Trust Law Team at Work
Sanctuary Trust Law Team at Work

Jacques was born in the Netherlands, and grew up in South Africa where he went to English-speaking schools and attended the University of Witwatersrand. He studied Accountancy before he gained an interest in Law. During that time, he was involved in the running of a Family Hotel near Cape Town, and followed a course in Hotel Management, which took him to a number of hotels on the South African Subcontinent, up to Lake Malawi. During his employment with an international hotel chain his interest in matters of Law grew. Especially so when he visited tribal villages to negotiate employee contracts for workers to be employed in the hotels.

The political instability made him leave Africa and he continued his legal and accountancy studies in Europe. He joined family members in Switzerland and Germany to study law at universities in Freiburg and Zurich. His interest in wine making was awakened during this period. He involved himself at the Vilette winery in the French-speaking Jura region of Switzerland. After obtaining his Bachelor Degree in Zurich, he went on to gain a Masters Degree at the prestigious University of Leiden in the Netherlands. He also studied International Law at that University which allowed him to spend some time studying at University in England. He gained practical experience in diplomacy as a military observer for the UN after the 6 day war in 1967 between Israel and Egypt in the Sinai desert. He subsequently wrote a doctoral thesis on Psychiatry and the Law in the Middle Ages. He practiced law for some time in Europe, but his love for the outdoors made him join�members of his family, who had settled a generation earlier in New Zealand.

He relocated to New Zealand, and after obtaining the Professional Legal qualification Exam,he set up and ran many centers for the elderly, providing legal advice and acting for Age Concern and Grey Power. He became a New Zealand Citizen and he has contributed to the recognition of the rights of Older Adults in New Zealand. These activities have resulted in a book written by him  in 1999 on this subject  called " Older Adults and their Rights ", which could be found on the shelves of most public libraries in New Zealand when it came out. During that time, he was also the principal legal adviser for Grey Power in policy and legal matters. This position allowed him to provide back-up to the President of Grey Power during meetings with the Prime Minister and other Ministers dealing with the affairs of Older Adults in New Zealand. The first legal guide for dealing with "Elder Abuse in New Zealand" by Age Concern, was�drafted by Jacques.

Approximately 15 years ago, he started specializing in Family Trusts. He now deals solely with setting up, running and advising on Trusts in his Law Practice in Auckland. Increasingly his opinion is sought on the validity and the running of existing Trusts. He still acts as a legal Advocate for the Elderly in many Rest homes and Retirement villages. Citizen Advice Bureaus in Auckland retain his telephone number for advice on legal matters concerning Older Adults.

Over the years he has come to realize that:

  1. Setting up a Family Trust is the ultimate way to protect one's assets;
  2. The slack administration of a Trust can set aside years of gifting and make a mockery of all the effort, time and money put into it.
  3. Increasingly, clients wish to run their own trusts, without the assistance of an independent trustee.
  4. It is important to ensure that the yearly running of a Trust is up to date and regularly reviewed. His new Review and Minute Book is an example of the importance  that he attaches to this activity. It emphasizes the way he deals with trust matters in his practice.

His latest book is called  " The Secrets Of Running A Family Trust".


At the Sanctuary TrustLaw practice Jacques Vannoort and his staff make every effort to provide comprehensive and compassionate services related to Estate Planning and trust services  such as trust administration.

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