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What are the main benefits for you having a Family Trust?

  • Providing for yourself and your family's financial future.
  • Preventing future property claims by partners or spouses before going into a new relationship.
  • Protecting your assets against unexpected business debts, and professional liability risks.
  • Protecting against claims which may involve your estate.
  • Maintaining confidentiality about your financial affairs and preparing for a time when you or your partner might need residential care, and income and asset testing for health and welfare purposes.
  • Structuring your financial affairs effectively for taxation purposes to give you the greatest advantage and to prepare for possible capital gains and/or death duty tax.
  • The ability to put in place a financial benefit or provision to others who may need it, in your family or even outside your family, such as charities or for religious or humanitarian purposes.

What are  the disadvantages when you have a Family Trust ?

  • Having to record each decision that affects the Assets, Liabilities, Beneficiaries or  other matters concerning your Trust.
  • Examining once a year 
    • who is to benefit from the Trust ?
    • what are the profits or losses attributed to the Trust ?
    • how the invested Assets are stacking up ?
  • Making decisions according to the Wishes  that you have set up using the Powers you have given yourself in the Deed of Trust.
  • Whenever you benefit from the Assets and Income  of your Trust, you must ensure that you do so so in a certain way, and  you must also record those decisions.
  • Stop regarding the trust Assets and Income as your own, and instead think of yourself as the main Beneficiary of your  Trust during your Lifetime.
How does a family trust work?
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