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Welcome Book and DVD

What our Welcome Book contains

This booklet is to introduce us and to explain to you how we run this innovative law practice, which specializes in the formation and the administration of Family Trusts.     Our Welcome Book allows you to get to know more about us:

- The Sanctuary TrustLaw Way of Doing Business.

We focus on our clients in all their trust dealings, and explain  our Vision and Mission statement.

- The Sanctuary House Family. 

Sanctuary House incorporates Sanctuary Dental and Sanctuary TrustLaw. We tell you how to find us & and our Hours of Work.  .  We explain why we want you to be comfortable and at home at Sanctuary House, whilst enjoying our refreshments, coffee, massage chairs, Beauty Therapy,and even a glass of our own House wine : "Villa Noortheim Riserva Classico".

- General Information on Trusts. 

We tell you something  about Trusts, and discuss problems, in order that you know the advantages and possible complications which may occur when setting up and running a Family Trust.  Even when a Family Trust has been set up earlier, it is important, in order that you can effectively safeguard your Assets, that we also review your Deed of Trust, related Acknowledgements of Debt and Minute Books.

  Benefits of setting up and running a Family Trust

As our client, you would expect to enjoy all the advantages and benefits of having a Family Trust with us.  Your Family Trust should fulfill those aims, and we will assist you in meeting them.

Why do Most People Set Up a Family Trust?

We examine the most common reasons for trust formation.

Ensuring That Your Existing Trust is Still Safe and Sound  -  An Example  -  Our Remedy

We give an example of an existing Trust  where it all went wrong.   We update deeds, documents and minutes of all our new clients to ensure that they meet modern-day standards.

Agreement on Terms of Engagement.

Our Terms of Engagement for legal services set out our promise to you.  We expect to keep that promise.  We ask you to make a promise to us, and suggest how you can help us.

The Costs for Setting Up and Running a Family Trust.

We inform you about the costs for setting up and running a Family Trust.   You can then estimate what trust formation, refinancing and transfer of Assets into your trust will cost you.  We also discuss different means of payment.

What Does Running A Family Trust Mean For Our Clients?

Yearly Review Meeting of at least 75 min with us - We explain the procedure and  the reasons for a  yearly review of your Trust:

  • Knowing your file
  • Studying your Financial Accounts  or becoming familiar with income and expenses  of the Trustees       
  • Discussing transactions and making Resolutions and Deeds of Debt
  • Updating personal documents and certification of Gift Statements
  • Dealing with matters of present or future Incapacity
  • Asset list and Review in Minute Book for the year
  • Minimizing risk for trustees by regular Risk Assessment and a regular newsletter on these issues and how Insurance can minimize the risk and therefore liability of the Trustees.

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