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Welcome Book and DVD

My Welcome Book and DVD  contain important information on Trusts, and how we operate our specialised law practice.  It will tell you more about our way of doing business, and how we run the yearly Review of  your Trust  and its costs.  The writer believes, that it is important for you to know this, when you engage us to do your trust work. Our Welcome Book and the DVD will be sent to you by email or through regular post.

Order our "Welcome Book" and our DVD for $28.00 (inclusive of postage).


If you had already set up a Family Trust elsewhere or if you wish to gain more extensive knowledge on how to run your own Family Trust then it is vital that you read my book. It is practical, full of examples and up to date. 

Order "The Secrets Of Running A Family Trust" for $ 88.00 (including postage)

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