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Welcome book and DVD by JACQUES VANNOORT at $28.00 (includes postage)


"Secrets Of Running Your Own Family Trust" by JACQUES F. VANNOORT (LLM) at $88.00 (includes postage) 



Jacques Vannoort is an experienced wine maker who produces, blends  and sources  delicious red wines , which are sold all over this country in small quantities.  All his wines are sold under the Villa Noortheim label which carries a guarantee for a strong,  slightly sweet and very pleasant quaffing wine.  He also produces a sweeter dessert wine for  special occasions.

You can order a  case  (12 btl.) of Villa Noortheim Riserva Classico red wine for $ 260.00 or a gift pack of 3 bottles  of Riserva Classico for $ 80.00 ( this includes postage throughout  New Zealand).